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名牌製作, 名牌訂製, 徽章製作, 徽章客製, 胸章製作, 客製化胸章

Gpoch proudly presents you name badges inherited from the hundred years of European brand history. Our expertise aims to focus on the name badge design, production, printing, packaging, quality assurance and customer services. Our team integrated German technical knowledge and adapted from localized Asian services experiences, which to best support our customers from various industries by providing sophisticated name badges with accountable to functionality, endurance, user-friendly and reliable quality name badges and services.

Name Badges Features:

  1. Customized name badge solutions

  2. With the profession of applying a wide range of materials to implement design ideas, name badges made with plastic, metal, soft enamel , with a mix of logo engraved, printing and etching, we are capable to adapt customers’ concept and brand stories.

  3. Offering the various fastening options, safety pin, clips, magnet on the badges; plus a variety of accessories i.e. national flags to indicate the staff language proficiency.

Name Badges

名牌製作, 名牌訂製, 徽章製作, 徽章客製, 胸章製作, 客製化胸章

Gpoch name badges integrated the plastic light in weight and the metal elegance appearance. Gpoch plastic name badges are endurable because we overcome the traditional brass made name badge problems, i.e. heavy so the badges always drop downward, especially on thin fabric; brass name badges could also be oxidized with black spots after certain time.

Customer Profile

Gpoch serves customers from a wide range of all industries worldwide including airlines, hotels, restaurants, medical centres and clinics, department stores, banks, automobile, luxury brands; as well as exhibitions and conferences, i.e. food and machinery, electronics

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